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KCA Networking Through Available Websites, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, and E-mail Addresses

Electronic communication is a value and a key part of any organization. The internet can be a wealth of information, confirmed or unconfirmed. KCA wants to make sure you, as a member, are clear on what Kenilworth Civic Association sponsors and what we have no control over.
The goal of this article is not to dissuade you in any way as to where you go to receive your information but to explain the differences between the various sites.

1. is our official website established by the KCA board to provide information about our neighborhood. Paul Sicard and Aaron Keating, a board member, maintain this website. This is where you can find information about the KCA Independence Day parade, photos from the parade and Luminaries, and other matters about our neighborhood.

2. Paul also maintains an e-mail account, which is for parade business since it is a huge undertaking every year. The address is:

3. Celeste Robin, our administrator, maintains an email address if you have concerns or questions about subjects besides the parade. That email address is She sends out a quarterly newsletter filled with useful information just like this article! This is the best address to use to email your concerns and suggestions directly to the KCA board.

4. Our official Facebook page is:…/ where you can find dates and reminders of events in Kenilworth and also find pictures.

Three Non-KCA sponsored groups using Kenilworth name –

  • . This yahoo group was established by a former resident of Kenilworth and is now being managed by Phil Beaver. This group has no formal relationship with our civic association. Its goal is to provide information useful to Kenilworth residents, including weekly summaries of crime in the area.
  • 2.!/groups/kenilworthbr/ is the link to a Facebook group page that provides information about Kenilworth subdivision. Christine Grenat, a resident of Kenilworth, established this Facebook group. The KCA board has no formal relationship with this group in that it was not created or managed by the KCA board. This is a great place to post information about a lost pet, a garage sale and such.
  • and app – This is a company based out of San Francisco, California that connects you to your neighbors by confirming your address. These are personal conversations between a radius of neighbors. Members can start communications on any topic. Some examples include “strange vehicle”, “lost dog”, “piano for sale”, “looking for good handyman”. We have used and tested all these sites and we would recommend learning the settings on the amount of emails and notifications this app and website bring in. Other than that, this website is useful and specific.

We are not aware of any law which prohibits the use of the Kenilworth name by anyone who chooses to use it. We are hopeful that anyone who chooses to use the name, would do so in the best interest of the neighborhood and of the civic association. The KCA board encourages all those who invest their time and talent to enhance life in the neighborhood by making important information available to residents via the internet. At the same time, we saw a need to distinguish official KCA sites from other sites. We hope you find this information helpful.
In 2011, the KCA board began obtaining email addresses of its members in order to electronically distribute newsletters and other announcements of interest to KCA members. Additionally, the KCA board maintains a list of email addresses of all Kenilworth residents, not just KCA members, who are willing to provide them. This is important to the Civic Association because it enables us to electronically distribute important information, including safety concerns, immediately to hundreds of households. We will never sell or share your email address with anyone.

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Best Lighting- corner of Kenilworth Parkway and Leycester – oh, so many lights!

Best Block – Sunbury Circle, Disney theme

Most Original- Louray Cajun Christmas House

Most Whimsical- Chippenham, just off Boone. Turn your radio on 93.5 when you pull up!

Most Religious- 300 block of Daventry
They were so excited!

Best Mailbox – Boone, across from school.
Stiff competition but they did it!

Best Door – 1500 block of Kenilworth Parkway
Also some cute ones on Louray and Daventry

Judge’s Choice – 1300 block of Kenilworth Parkway. Multiple decorated houses in this area.

North Pole Award – Find some reindeer in the 800 block of Chippenham

Perennially Wonderful – Corner of Stoneleigh and Sunbury – always a big attraction!

Best Live Portrayal – 700 block of Bromley.
Just look for the 20 foot mega tree and a red keep in the yard! This display also has music!

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