2016 Kenilworth Luminaries

Best Lighting- corner of Kenilworth Parkway and Leycester – oh, so many lights!

Best Block – Sunbury Circle, Disney theme

Most Original- Louray Cajun Christmas House

Most Whimsical- Chippenham, just off Boone. Turn your radio on 93.5 when you pull up!

Most Religious- 300 block of Daventry
They were so excited!

Best Mailbox – Boone, across from school.
Stiff competition but they did it!

Best Door – 1500 block of Kenilworth Parkway
Also some cute ones on Louray and Daventry

Judge’s Choice – 1300 block of Kenilworth Parkway. Multiple decorated houses in this area.

North Pole Award – Find some reindeer in the 800 block of Chippenham

Perennially Wonderful – Corner of Stoneleigh and Sunbury – always a big attraction!

Best Live Portrayal – 700 block of Bromley.
Just look for the 20 foot mega tree and a red keep in the yard! This display also has music!