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Send Checks To:
Kenilworth Civic Association
PO Box 80375
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0375

Benefits of KCA Membership include:

  • Kenilworth-While newsletter several times a year
  • Kenilworth Directory
  • KCA provides security cameras for traffic monitoring and maintenance from which we all benefit.
  • KCA sponsors the annual Kenilworth Independence Day Parade
  • KCA supports efforts to improve and maintain the beauty of our neighborhood, including beautification work for the flower beds on the Parkway.
  • KCA sponsors the annual Christmas Luminaries every December
  • KCA represents our subdivision at the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations
  • The KCA Legal Committee looks at residential “sore spots” such as blighted homes, to ensure maximum property values.
  • KCA has open board meetings every month and the annual general meeting every February.
  • All Kenilworth residents benefit from these efforts and other work, such as on subdivision beautification (for example, the entrances to the subdivision). Please join KCA to support these efforts and to support your community!